Cotton Bales

Cotton bales made from raw cotton after processing of ginning and pressing. We will provide export quality cotton bales…


Potato flake and potato starch is very easy to make food from that with same test like fresh potato.


In globe around 65% eat rice so that’s way we assuming popularity of rice. Our rice is very best in quality .…


We have both type of Ground nut (Peanuts) java and bold with running type of count…

Welcome to aaa Business Zone

aaa-business-zone is one of the leading Agriculture Commodity Exporters & manufacturer in Tarneit. The company is exporting Agriculture Commodities to customers across the globe. The company deals in a various Agriculture Products such as Cotton Bales, Cotton seed oil cake, Cotton seed, Peanuts, onion.html, Garlic, Potato, Rice. Our company has skilled and knowledgeable employees who are directly purchase Agriculture Products from selected farmers so we supply good quality of Agriculture Products to our business partner.

Featured products

aaa-business-zone is well known export company of agriculture products from Gujarat in Tarneit. We have our unique identity in agriculture products. We are attached in this field since three decades. We have wide range of agriculture products in which we are dealing like cotton, Peanuts, Wheat, Onion, Garlic, Potato, Cumin seeds, Sesame seeds, Rice, Soya bean, Soya bean cake etc…

About Business

aaa-business-zone is reliable and trustworthy export company in Surat. It is situated in Tarneit. Company is established in order to upliftment of rural products by purchasing directly from that farmer so this way over all progress of rural people by giving them appropriate price.